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Thursday, February 14, 2008

This drawing is for an "off-road" baby stroller that would allow the parent to successfully transition from a hard surface to a softer surface such as sand at a beach, or grass. I sketched this about 27 years ago, but never finished the prototype. A few years ago my wife and I discovered this product in use, on a Florida beach.

Dwight B.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Finally found my prototype!

This image is of my "AQUAZOR" water injected shaving razor that I invented years ago and I referred to in my previous post.

Interesting picture?


Dwight B.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Other half of the story!

Here is the other half of the story.

On Oct. 4, 1980 (10 years earlier than the newspaper article) I invented a shaving device to be used in the shower by either men or women. A unique feature of my invention was that water from the shower was brought into the razor handle and injected between the two blades thereby lubricating the cutting surface as well as perpetually cleaning the cutting areas.
The image displayed (poorly) here is a copy of my original drawing. I named it "THE AQUAZOR".

I actually purchased one of the razors from Pollenex and it worked well. However, I have never seen this product in the market for several years so I assume that it did not sell well enough.

When I find my prototype again I will post a picture of it.


Dwight B.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Entry for January 23, 2008
Entry for January 23, 2008 magnify
"Wudda-sudda-cudda" January 23, 08

One from the opportunities missed pages.

This image is from a local newspaper dated Tuesday, November 6, 1990. (17 years ago). It is for a product brought into the market by POLLENEX CO.. The product is a womens razor to use in her shower,, but the unique aspect is that the razor has water injected through the handle and surfaces between the two blades, providing obvious benefits. You might ask why I have posted this image? the answer will be in my next post. Come back. You will be surprised.

Dwight B.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Entry for January 18, 2008
Entry for January 18, 2008 magnify
This rear muffler image is of my first (simulated) " GATLIN GUN" invention with protective roll-bar and aiming "sight," mounted on top of the bar. The "gun" has 12, red hi-intensity directional LED lights (one) mounted in the tip of each barrel, which are brake activated, routed through a strobe device. When the brakes are applied there is a rapid-fire visual affect for the traffic behind me to enjoy,,, thus, hopefully acknowledging my intentions to stop and not impacting me and the bike.

Enjoy the picture.


Dwight B.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

This is it!

Entry for January 15, 2008
Entry for January 15, 2008 magnify
What you are seeing here is the culmination of a series of events which have never been demonstrated, anywhere or anyplace.

I have disclosed the initial prototype for this invention, plus the template that I designed to fabricate my final design / prototype and what you are viewing here is my final product. However, at this time I cannot disclose what the product is or how it works, (but it does work.)

As time goes by I will disclose more information but I am just now beginning my marketing research, via personal interviews, with complete but private disclosures. (the "Patent Search" was already completed some time ago.)

Dwight B.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Good News - Bad News

First the good news. Yesterday I completed about 90% of my newest invention and in all humility, it resulted in a great new semi-completed prototype. This morning I have made some more modifications and am allowing a curing period right now. Probably one of the most enjoyable aspects of yesterday was showing my wife what I have created. She actually liked the product so much that she began giving me a ton of her own ideas on how to improve on my design.

My other energies are focused upon the package, promotion, and pricing aspects.

Next the bad news.

I have come to realize that my "SMArtwALL "Racing Safety System does not fit into any of the categories of products provided by Ebay! Apparently no one in the world has thought of marketing new technology through, EBAY and told EBAY.
So I have to work with these limitations and try something different.

Here is my proposal. Please refer to the crashing Race Car drawing.

I am selling complete and detailed copies of this (U.S. Patent Pending) revolutionary auto racing technology-system, for $10,000.00 (U.S.). The purchaser will receive said complete "Packet", delivered by the inventor (me) and have 8 hours of my time (and my Associate) for any and all discussions, relative to this technology. Any travel required of me outside the United States will be fully pre-paid by the purchaser, (for me and my Associate) above the $10,000.00 "Packet" purchase price.

The purchaser will then have until the first day of March, 2008 to place a sealed bid-offer to purchase the technology. My specific terms and conditions of said offer will be provided only to the "Packet Purchasers".

Here is where you can make some money from my invention.

If you provide me with a "Packet Purchaser", I will pay you $500.00 (U.S.), within 7 days after payment is accepted and cleared. If your referral is awarded the final "Technology Purchase," I will pay you $5,000.00 (U.S.) within 7 days after the "Purchase" is complete and cleared!! It's just that simple.

Now who do you know that would like to make auto racing history, around the world? (as well as make a huge fortune for decades to come)

Good luck and I hope to hear from you soon.

Dwight B.